Conflicted between the extremes of global expansion and personal connection, Brian Rose decides to travel to Costa Rica to participate in multiple ceremonies with the psychedelic plant medicine Ayahuasca. There he reconnects with his vision and purpose but also uncovers childhood trauma that creates an existential crisis in his life. After returning to London with clear visions about the future, he soon realises that things are not what he expected and that real transformation and healing must include pain, challenges and doing the uncomfortable.


As Dennis McKenna says, “we are having a planetary crisis. Ayahuasca is giving us a message about our screwed up relationship with nature”.  The spirit molecule in the plant medicine ayahuasca is a tool to let us reframe our understanding of our relationship with the world. We don’t own nature; we are part of nature.  Ayahuasca helps us reconnect with the world to appreciate that by destroying the planet we are destroying ourselves. Conversely greater respect for all around us delivers us greater harmony and protects future generations.

In a world with 300 million people suffering from depression and a rising suicide rate, radical change is required to address the current mental health emergency. In Reconnect we explore the role that plant medicine Ayahuasca can play in expelling past traumas and finding enlightenment. His ayahuasca ceremonies witnessed in Reconnect see Brian Rose find clarity about his life and place in the world. #ThankYouPlantMedicine

Ayahuasca unlocks a deeper consciousness, transporting us from the pressure and anxiety of the 21st Century by embracing rituals from past millennia. In the beauty and serenity of Costa Rica, experience a world where shamanism meets psychotherapy and the plant medicine Ayahuasca helps us reconnect with our place in the universe. #ThankYouPlantMedicine

"We are part of an unfolding reality that is larger than human understanding"

- Terence McKenna